So for once a thread that is covered by the topic, must be a nice change.

Lately a lot of new and young postsers have joined PD,for which we are happy, but it is also the grounds for my petpeeve:

Now I am typing this thread for the 4th or 5th time as I had to break it up (work) lost it through sheer stupidity, so my original well versed and long post will be more *****y, to the post and shorter then envisioned,but since it is getting on my fragile nerves I decided topost it anyway

It used to be a pleasure to read most posts on this board, like reading a newspaper in the morning, not a day went by I didn't visit the board, even from my blackberry, however things have changed, so much that I do not use my bb anymore to visit the board and at time can not be arsed to even look at it when I am on a desktop machine.

Bad spelling, no problem, bad language; no problem, bad grammar; no problem, we can not all be "good" at it and some like myself are simply not native English speakers/writers, the effort is what counts.
Now that effort is exacltly what is wrong

Though idiotic threads and topics are expected, afterall it is the OFF/PRE season, the length of the threads (which used to be some sign of decent content) is getting obnoxious while the content of hte thread is getting from bad to worse.

I know this might be a"culture" thing, after all I am not exactly Hip-Hop and perhaps even a generation-gap, after all I am old, but.......

If you post on a forum, in a thread, you have something to say on the topic "at hand".
You post to provide others with insight to your opinion, or to make another point pertaining to the thread at hand.

That idea has been more and more abandoned lately, threads grow to several pages by just communicatin with 1-liners or worse, just smileys.

Smileys can make a point, but posting in every thread to give a thumbs up smiley or a wink smiley, or whatever; or to just say "i agree" is IMO (no humbleness has ever touched me) outrageous idiotic and stupid.

Obfuscating good postings with that kind of trivia should be penalized with a death sentence at least and changing the topic of a thread with it is even worse.

I am sure that when the word "trolling" was invented (yes I was around) that those kind of posts were meant to be captured by that as well.

Now I understand that those who are new and young are from a different generation then I am, but I do expect that if you have nothing to add to a discussion on any given topic, you remain silent.
If you agree but what you want to say was already covered, then nod to yourself and move on, stop wasting everybody's time and bandwidth with nonsensical dribble.

And for those who by now are used to communicate in smiley language, please do me a favour, open a thread in the shoutbox and keep it there.

Oneliners and smileys are NOT a way of conversing and/or communicating here as far as I am concerned, if it is going to become the way to do things around here then I will have to find myself a place where it isn't, but untill then, I will get pissed off when I see threads consisting of smileys and oneliners over 4 pages and I will waste your time and bandwith with my obnoxiously long posts as counterweight to the nonsens.

Thank you for "toning it down" and the real contributions I know you can all make