A couple issues with the Mythbusters experiments to prove it. The flag does indeed have a metal pole with a wire in it to uncoil the flag. The mythbusters claim that the swinging back and forth motion of the flag is the effect of the vacuum of space. Thus they tested the same type of flag in a vacuum chamber AT NASA. 2 issues with this. If NASA is suspected of hoaxing the damn thing why would you use their facilities and equipment for debunking the myth? There is a conflict of interest there. They should have used independent facilities. Also they showed the flag does indeed wave back in forth inside a vacuum chamber. But the one tidbit I did not accept about their experiment is that they applied the environment. On the moon the environment of 0 atmosphere was already in existence, and the flag was already in 0 atmospheric conditions the moment they stepped out of the lander. Addition the Moon as somethig like 2/3rds the Gravity of Earth. Which explains the slow and bounceful leaping or running around by the astronaunts. That makes sense, why wouldn't the flag display the same characteristics. Instead it seems to snap back and forth in his waving motion.

I'm not saying it didn't happen, because like some one else said the Russians would have been all over it if actually faked. But there are some conditions here that they never do a good job of explaining.

I think though that we should be more concerned with what is hiding on the dark side of the moon.