The last two guys have checked in & now, everyone is up to date on the draft.

We'll still be starting the draft late this Friday evening, the 21st.

We'll be using a 24 draft clock to start with.

If I need to alter the draft clock, I'll send out an e-mail as well as post a message on here, 24 hours in advance of the change.

please check this board daily, for updates

One more reminder......... Ten members of our league are also in Displaced Knicks, Keeper League. The KL draft will be starting early but I think the main focus of that draft will be Saturday morning. Look for a lot of activity on our draft board that morning as well. I know some of you will be away for part, or all, of that day. If you're able to, please fill your contingency list before stepping out.

Finally.......... if you're new to the site this season I have player stats that I can make available to you. I've done this in the past for the incoming owners in an effort to level the playing field a little. I have these in an excel file & would be happy to e-mail them to you.