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Thread: From Pacers insider.

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    Default From Pacers insider.

    I recommend Pacer's insider, it usually has some Pacer information in it you can't find elsewhere. You get it in your e-mail. If you want to have it sent to you go to and sign up. It's on the right about three boxes down.

    ON THE RECORD : Overall: 51-19; Home: 27-7; Road: 24-12

    Jermaine O'Neal suffered a sprain and bruise to his left knee Monday night after colliding with Chicago’s Ronald Dupree early in the second quarter of the Pacers’ 101-77 victory. The All-Star forward underwent X-rays at Conseco Fieldhouse and will be re-evaluated Tuesday after undergoing an MRI. The initial X-rays were reported to show no more damage to the knee beyond the sprain and contusion. O’Neal was listed as day-to-day after the game and could miss Wednesday night’s home game against Dallas. Click here to read the whole story.

    • Against the Trail Blazers, March 17, Reggie Miller grabbed the 4,000th rebound of his career. He is just the seventh player in franchise history to reach that plateau and the fourth in the team's NBA history. Having played 1,311 games in his NBA career, Miller has moved into seventh place on the NBA's all-time career games played list.

    • This season, the Indiana bench has outscored the opposing reserves 43 times and the Pacers are 31-12 in those games. One of the top sixth men in the NBA this season, Al Harrington has averaged 12.9 ppg and 6.3 rpg, both third best on the team. Harrington is tied for second on the team with 66 steals.

    • Indiana's loss to the Kings on Friday, March 19, gave the Kings a sweep in the two-game season series. Sacramento is the only team in the Western Conference that the Pacers did not post a win against this season. With a win against the Mavericks on Wednesday, March 24, the Pacers will tie their most wins (20) ever against the Western Conference in one season.

    • The Pacers limited the Trail Blazers to just eight points in the fourth quarter at Conseco Fieldhouse. That tied the fewest points ever scored in the fourth quarter by a Pacers' opponent in the NBA. The come-from-behind win was the Pacers' 10th win (10-14) in a game in which they trailed entering the fourth quarter.

    • The time of the Pacers' game vs. New Jersey on April 9 has been changed from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. That game will be televised nationally by ESPN as part of an NBA double header. The second half of that double header will be Sacramento's game at Phoenix.

    • Tickets for the all Pacers’ home games can be purchased at the Conseco Fieldhouse Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, the Internet ( or or by phone at 1-800-4NBATIX. For group ticket information, call 1-317-917-2500.


    Date Day Opponent Time (EST) TV/Radio
    March 24 Wednesday DALLAS 8:00 p.m. ESPN/Pacers Radio Network
    March 26 Friday at Orlando 7:00 p.m. WB4/Pacers Radio Network
    March 28 Sunday MIAMI 5:00 p.m. FSN/Pacers Radio Network


    Date Opponent Result Pacers' High Scorer
    Opponent's High Scorer Pacers' High Rebounder
    March 17 PORTLAND W 80-71 Ron Artest 21
    Zach Randolph 16 Jermaine O'Neal 10
    March 19 SACRAMENTO L 92-94 Jermaine O'Neal 23
    Mike Bibby 25 Jeff Foster 12
    March 20 at Memphis L 95-99 Jermaine O'Neal 28
    Pau Gasol/Stromile Swift 17 Jermaine O'Neal 11
    March 22 CHICAGO W 101-77 Reggie Miller 17
    Eddy Curry 13 Jeff Foster 8


    March 2: Placed James Jones on the injured list and activated Ron Artest from the injured list.
    Feb. 20: Placed Ron Artest on the injured list and activated James Jones from the injured list.


    Jermaine O'Neal (left knee sprain/contusion) day-to-day
    Jonathan Bender (right shoulder contusion) day-to-day
    Jamison Brewer (sprained right big toe) is on the injured list
    Primoz Brezec (strained right hamstring) is on the injured list
    James Jones (left quadricep tendinitis) is on the injured list


    • On Wednesday, March 24, NBA Commissioner David Stern will visit both the Pacers Learning Center, housed in Indianapolis Public School #103, and the Pacers Academy. As part of his visit to Indianapolis Stern will assist in hosting a Reading TimeOut from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Pacers Learning Center, along with First Lady of Indianapolis, Mrs. Amy Minick-Peterson. Following the Reading TimeOut, Stern will then travel to the Pacers Academy, where he will meet with Mayor Bart Peterson and visit with the students and tour the first alternative school sponsored by an NBA team.

    • As part of the Pacers Read to Achieve Program presented by Bank One, the Pacers will present weekly Reading TimeOuts at area schools throughout the season. As part of the Reading TimeOuts, special guests will read selected children's stories to children in kindergarten through third grade. Special guests may include members of the Pacers, Indiana Fever, Boomer, Bowser, the Indiana Pacemates and members of the Pacers/Fever All-Star Reading Team. Students participating in the Reading TimeOuts will receive free books and have the opportunity to win Pacers and Fever prizes and tickets. This week's Reading TimeOut will be on Thursday, March 25, at 9:30 a.m. at Indianapolis Public School #34 located at 1410 Wade Street.


    • Pacers television analyst Clark Kellogg doubles as one of the foremost experts on the NCAA Tournament, serving once again as CBS' top studio analyst throughout the month. In an in-depth question-and-answer session on, he touches the tournament's hot buttons and reveals his surprising picks to reach the Final Four.

    • Jermaine O'Neal is a legitimate MVP candidate, Ron Artest could win Defensive Player of the Year as well as Most Improved, Al Harrington is a top Sixth Man Award prospect and Rick Carlisle merits consideration for Coach of the Year. See how the competition for these honors measures up to the Pacers' candidates at

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    Default Re: From Pacers insider.

    Lot of fluff, not a lot of inside info!
    ...Still "flying casual"

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    Default Re: From Pacers insider.

    This is an upgrade over what it was at the beginning of the year. At that time, it was just a marketing newsletter announcing the promotions at the next home game.

    I miss the old "Fifth-quarter" fax sent out to the season-ticket holders. I always liked to print that off and carry it to the arena with me. It usually had some useful scouting information in it.
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    Default Re: From Pacers insider.

    I thought an X-ray could only show bone breaks... not tissue injuries?

    I keep reading things like:
    The initial X-rays were reported to show no more damage to the knee beyond the sprain and contusion.

    .... That 'sounds' good BUT in reality he could've had a ripped ACL and the X-ray wasn't going to show that anyway. It just told them he didn't have a break too... not the extent of the strain/sprain.....

    Or at least that is what I always thought....

    I didn't want to rant on that earlier since the diagnosis hadn't been released but since we now know the results of the MRI I wanted to mention it.

    If I am wrong someone please correct me.

    Nuntius was right for a while. I was wrong for a while. But ultimately I was right and Frank Vogel has been let go.


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    Default Re: From Pacers insider.

    day-2-day sounds hopeful

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    Default Re: From Pacers insider.

    day-2-day sounds hopeful
    If what I read about JO is true and how I picture him, he will play against the Mavericks. If he doesn't, he is REALLY hurt because that guy just wants to play. Period. It's nice to have three of those guys on one team, let alone one (Miller, Artest, O'Neal). Not dogging the rest but those three have shown more 'playing hurt' than most have while they're healthy.
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    Default Re: From Pacers insider.

    This season, the Indiana bench has outscored the opposing reserves 43 times and the Pacers are 31-12 in those games.
    And in the category of totally meaningless statistics, this means that the Pacers are 20-7 in games where the Indiana bench is outscored by their opponents' reserves.
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