With just less than two weeks before the start of our draft I would like to make sure everyone has their player list, if not finsihed, at least started?

I'm not so much concerned about our returning owners but I'd like to hear from you as well, just to be sure. If you're new to the league this year I'd like to know if you have an ordered list that you will be using to make your picks from. I really don't need to know any details as long as you have a plan thats good enough for me. There will be 288 players drafted so plan accordingly.

If you are a rookie to the ABA this year & do not have a player list started, let me know ASAP. I have a very detailed list that I'm willing to share with the rookies.

I know the draft will not be nearly as rushed as before but I would like everyone as prepared as possible when the 21st rolls around.