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    October 9, 2005 -- SEEMS to me, it's only proper that the NBA and the Knicks divulge the identities of the cardiologists who cleared Eddy ("What, Me Worry?") Curry to play basketball.
    Considering how critically sensitive and conflicting his condition has become, why shouldn't the doctors join their 6-11 patient by publicly putting their careers if not their lives on the line?

    You know, just in case they've erred on the side of haste and/or carelessness. That way, the future faint of heart can be familiar with which experts to avoid at all costs when making such nagging, deathly decisions.

    After almost every showy spending spree, Isiah Thomas is guaranteed to glibly notify the player, "I can promise you money, but I can't promise you minutes."

    Neither does God.

    On that upbeat note, it occurs to me that Curry's rapid deployment by the Knicks' speedy safety specialists allows Thomas to get on with his next pair of affliction/dereliction acquisitions: acquiring Lakers rookie Ronny Turiaf and signing Qyntel Woods.


    Paul Pierce pledged allegiance to Boston last week, swearing that he wants to retire a Celtic. That leaves Doc Rivers, as Meat Loaf would say, praying for the end of time so he can end his time with him. During the off-season, Rivers pushed boss Danny Ainge hard to trade his deflated franchise player, but legit discussions with the Nuggets involving Andre Miller and Nene and third teams (both players never were going to Boston, only one) proved infertile. Prior to the draft the Blazers rejected Pierce ($45M over three) on a platter for the No. 6 pick and an irrelevant overpaid player or two. Despite Pierce's everlasting pronouncement, it's believed he'll be shopped 'til Rivers drops.

    Clippers sources inform me they've been quietly entertaining offers for Corey Maggette. Word has it he's supposedly not smart enough to remember Mike Dunleavy's plays that don't have him finishing the play. Chris Wilcox is said to be another LA Paper Clip with a basketball IQ lower than his coach would like, making the former Maryland forward exceptionally expendable as well.


    Hornets GM Allan Bristow was given the choice last week to have the team announce he was being fired or resigning due to health concerns. He took the latter.


    For the first time since the Pacers drafted Jonathan Bender with the No. 5 overall in '99 (after obtaining it from Toronto for none other than Antonio Davis) they're seriously thinking about dealing his fragile self.

    Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak wanted to sign Bobcats restricted free-agent sharpshooter Jason Kapono before the Heat got down to business last week. He was overruled, though, by Jimmy Buss, somebody entrenched in the mix confirms.

    Lorenzen Wright and Jerry West verbally went at it big time in late August regarding the center's demand to be traded.

    The tension chilled a bit when the Grizzlies president called several teams as Wright watched, just to educate him on how little interest there was in him. Obviously, the moment West can trade him for anybody of vague import, Wright will be out of Memphis.

    Plans are underway to institute a dress code for NBA players during post-game podium interviews, off-court community appearances and travel by team charter. I sense a dangerous precedent; how dare David Stern force his league's players to buy suits rather than respond to them.

    THE KNICKS were re buffed by the Blazers in their attempt to ob tain Theo Ratliff (who developed into an All-Star under Larry Brown in Philly) and Darius Miles. Portland may have been a bit tempted to trade Ratliff, had Isiah offered Tim Thomas instead of Penny Hardaway. Then again, it's hard to believe Nate McMillan would consent to dealing his best shot-blocker and rebounder when much-improved backup Joel Przybilla can't be re-signed until the summer. Miles is being counted on to carry the team's offense and, therefore, is untouchable.

    Al Harrington is another tantalizing target of the Knicks, to name one of about 20 teams. The arrival of Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams figure to make Isiah's former pet Pacer largely extraneous, yet it's doubtful the Knicks have fair compensation to exchange.

    In view of the Knicks' lack of leadership and delinquent defense at both guard slots (and beyond), it's logical to expect Eric Snow to show up sooner than later now that Eddy Curry is on board. His care-taking of the ball alongside Allen Iverson worked wonders for Larry Brown and it stands to reason the veteran, currently competing with Damon Jones for the Cavaliers' starting point guard position, would be perfect opposite Stephon Marbury. Snow's straight-forward style would also accelerate the team's progress in adapting to Brown's personality.


    All that stands between Mike Krzyzewski and the title of 2008 Olympic coach is an official announcement by USA hoops czar Jerry Colangelo. According to sources, the Duke Dictator is so dedicated to doing everything in his power to help America regain the gold that he's volunteered to take a year off from the college sidelines.
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