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    Do you think Peyton will continue his record of 4000 yard seasons? At the rate his is going now, he will end up around 3500. For him to keep the record going, he will need a few 400 yard days.

    I ask this question rhetorically. This is a meaningless stat and I prefer wins. If we go 15-1 and he passes for 2500 yards, I would still be happy. Very happy.

    This is the kind of stuff you "worry about" when your team is undefeated and hitting on nearly all cylinders.

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    I would like so see him get another 4,000 yards agian this year, but honestly I'm not sure if he will or not. He certinaly has everything he needs to accomplish it once again. The most important thing is wins, and thats the only thing that I'm sure that going to happen this year.

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    He'll get his 4,000 yards. Remember, we've got the Texans twice and the Titans one more time.
    It's a new day for Pacers Basketball.

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    Need a couple 400 yard games? I think you didn't do all the math on this.

    4,000 yards divided by 16 games = 250 yards per game. So far we've played 4 games. To be on pace he needs to be at 1,000 yards. He's at 868. Despite how horrible the offense has started he's only down by 132 yards.

    He's not that far off. A couple 300 yard days, and he's back on pace. He SHOULD be okay.

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