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*** Please respond to this e-mail on the Digest ABA Trash Talk board - Draft Date Update 10-2 ***

I'm going to have to change the draft this year.

With just less than three weeks to go before out draft date there is just too much going on to try to get everyone together for just one day.

Mourning, Kerosene & Doug will have returned from their respective vacations before the 22nd. We've recently found out that Shade has a previous committment and will be out the 22nd. Pacer Tom is closing on a new home as well as moving his family from MA to FL, around that date. Also Peck & Diamond Dave are required to work on the 22nd. Not something they can, or should avoid.

And thats with 20 days to go before our draft.

I'm going to go ahead and offically change the way our draft will be done.

I will start up the draft late on Friday October 21st. I'll have an exact time later.

The fantasy site will send out a e-mail to everyone letting you know the draft has started. I will also post a notice on the Pacer Digest "ABA Trash Talk Board".

The draft clock will be set at 24 hours.

I urge you to check in as often as you're able & update your contengency list. We will have roughly 10 days to complete the draft before the start of the season on 11-1. If everyone is active & maintaines a contengency list then this should be more than enough time. If we get to the 29th & it looks like I'll need to shorten the draft clock I'll do so.

Thanks for your understanding