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Thread: Damn You Inside the NFL...Damn You

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    Default Damn You Inside the NFL...Damn You

    For the second week in a row, Inside the NFL has not shown highlights of the Colts game. Nor have they talked about the Colts.

    This week they started to talk about Dwight Freeney in the "Teeing Off" section, asking the question, "Is DFree the best defender in the NFL?" However it quickly, thanks to Dan Marino, went into a Patriots/Richard Seymor *** kissing contest.

    I love Inside the NFL, but since when have they started leaving out highlights? Oh I know, ever since they felt they needed to have a damn comedian at the end give some crappy outro. Thankyou Wanda Sykes.

    Drop the comedians and show all the NFL films quality highlights!!!
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    Default Re: Damn You Inside the NFL...Damn You

    The show has really dropped in quality since the new cast joined. Keep Collinsworth and drop the rest. Especially the deadweight that is Chris Carter.

    As for not showing the Colts (and some other games), this is just crap. For years, this has been the one NFL show that I try to watch to see how all of the teams played the previous week. I get tired of the ESPN images and words. Inside the NFL was the 60 Minutes of sports TV. Now it is just another clip show with talking air heads.

    Could Costas seem more bored? He just looks like he is just waiting for someone to mention the infield fly rule.

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    Default Re: Damn You Inside the NFL...Damn You

    The degradation of the media continues -- fluff over substance.
    Several years ago sports was taken over by Entertainment Tonight. And the players act like any time they do their jobs they just made the play that won the Super Bowl.
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    Default Re: Damn You Inside the NFL...Damn You

    *shrug* I could care less
    Don't ask Marvin Harrison what he did during the bye week. "Batman never told where the Bat Cave is," he explained.

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