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Thread: Esiason blasts tactics of Colts' D-line coach

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    Default Esiason blasts tactics of Colts' D-line coach

    By Mike Chappell

    Not everyone is impressed by how the Indianapolis Colts' defensive line is getting to the quarterback.
    Former NFL quarterback and current CBS analyst Boomer Esiason used a Wednesday interview on Sirius NFL Radio to accuse Colts defensive line coach John Teerlinck of teaching dirty tactics.
    Asked about the confrontation Sunday between Teerlinck and Jacksonville quarterback Byron Leftwich, who twice made an obscene gesture at the Colts coach, Esiason asserted that Teerlinck has a reputation for instructing players to "dive at a quarterback's knees."

    "(Teerlinck) teaches his guys techniques that really border on trying to get someone hurt and knock them out of the game," Esiason said. "I understand why Byron Leftwich did what he did. I don't condone that, but what I would have loved for him to do is just go up there and punch (Teerlinck) in the mouth."
    Leftwich declined to comment specifically about the incident after the game.
    Teerlinck, in his fourth season with the Colts, has not made himself available to the media since similar allegations arose in the 1996 season when he was an assistant coach with the Detroit Lions. During that season, Teerlinck was summoned to the NFL offices and reportedly warned about his teaching methods.
    Esiason also said he was personally affected by Teerlinck's coaching style in the early 1990s, when the quarterback was playing and Teerlinck coached at Minnesota. Esiason said the Vikings' John Randle dove at his knees, and "I went over to Teerlinck and ripped him a new you-know-what."
    Thursday, the Colts came quickly to their coach's defense.
    "By no means does he teach dirty hits," tackle Montae Reagor said. "One thing he does teach us is to hit the quarterback as much as possible, but by no means does he teach us dirty tactics."
    Added end/tackle Raheem Brock: "We're not trying to hurt the quarterback. But any way we can get him down, we're going to do it. We take pride in our pass rush."
    Coach Tony Dungy clearly was irritated by Esiason's comments. For Esiason to criticize Teerlinck "when no offensive linemen are talking about it, no quarterbacks in the league are talking about it, I would pretty much discount it," Dungy said.
    Asked if he had a problem with Teerlinck's teaching tactics, Dungy replied, "No, I don't. We've always been one of the least penalized teams in the league. I guess the statistics would speak for themselves. I think they have referees watching (for illegal hits on quarterbacks)."
    Since 2003, the Colts have been penalized eight times for roughing the quarterback -- and only three of the infractions involved the defensive line.
    Teerlinck, 54, is in his 17th season as an NFL coach.

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    Default Re: Esiason blasts tactics of Colts' D-line coach

    Even if he really does teach them illegal tactics, I'm sure he's not the only one.

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    Default Re: Esiason blasts tactics of Colts' D-line coach

    Sorry, I didn't see RWB's thread.

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