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    Default maller website snippets

    A few snippets from

    Not everyone is impressed by how the Indianapolis Colts' defensive line is getting to the quarterback. Former NFL quarterback and current CBS analyst Boomer Esiason used a Wednesday interview on Sirius NFL Radio to accuse Colts defensive line coach John Teerlinck of teaching dirty tactics. Asked about the confrontation Sunday between Teerlinck and Jacksonville quarterback Byron Leftwich, who twice made an obscene gesture at the Colts coach, Esiason asserted that Teerlinck has a reputation for instructing players to "dive at a quarterback's knees." "(Teerlinck) teaches his guys techniques that really border on trying to get someone hurt and knock them out of the game," Esiason said. "I understand why Byron Leftwich did what he did. I don't condone that, but what I would have loved for him to do is just go up there and punch (Teerlinck) in the mouth."

    The Colts are the latest team to get a new stadium. Central Indiana taxpayers will fund most of the cost of the $500 million retractable-roof stadium. But many people around the league are skeptical that the Colts will be able to regularly fill the new stadium's 63,000 seats (the RCA Dome holds a little more than 56,000) and sell its 150 luxury suites. A small Midwest market like Indianapolis doesn't have the corporate support of markets like Philadelphia, Atlanta or Dallas. "There are no guarantees," Colts owner Jim Irsay said. "There's an awful lot of risk that you're going to be able to sell the suites and seats and get the corporate support you need. We have a very difficult road ahead of us."

    COLTS (-13) over Browns

    All the stars and the planets seem to be aligned against Indianapolis as a huge double-digit favorite, but you remember what happened last week when we made the Eagles (-13) our best bet. Yup, 42-3! All the 'dog lovers are pointing to new Cleveland head coach Romeo Crennel's 6-0 record against Peyton Manning when he was with New England. OK, he's a superb defensive coordinator, but that was with the Patriots, winners of three of the last four Super Bowls. Crennel doesn't have one-tenth of that talent in Cleveland, so that 6-0 is a meaningless stat. The Horseshoes have proved that their revamped defense is ferocious, allowing only 10 points total in the first two games, so now it's time for Peyton to do what Peyton does... hang a 38 spot on the scoreboard.
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    Esiason is a moron.
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    Boy, I sure haven't noticed us going for their knees. Maybe I need to pay closer attention.
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    Default Re: maller website snippets

    Yeah, we hurt Leftwich by accident, so they try to get us back by trying to hurt Peyton.

    Screw the and screw Esiason.
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    Well I don't buy it.

    That being said we did injure Boller by hitting him in the back of the knees, and we almost injured Leftwich by doing the same thing.

    Now I don't believe either was intentional. At both times that was the only way to get the QB down, so they are not going to pass it up.
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    Sour grapes. No one complained about us playing "dirty" when we gave up 30+ points a game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by btowncolt
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote

    Boller didn't get hit "in the back of the knees". Tripplett grabbed his feet as he was running away.

    Leftwhich didn't get "hit in the back of the knees" either. Freeney grabbed his feet and pulled him to the ground. The collision only looked so bad because Leftwhich then got hit in the chest, from the front, and pushed in the opposite direction.

    Getting "hit in the back of the knees" is so illegal, and so strictly enforced, that you can't get away with it. An understanding of what that phrase actually means is important here. It means you come in, from behind the quarterback, and try to spear him as hard as possible right in the back of his knees. Something I've never seen a Colts defensive lineman do, and something no Colts player even came remotely close to doing in the first two games. Getting hit from behind is ENTIRELY different than the kind of "back of the knees" hit Boomer is describing. The hits on Boller and Leftwhich were not, by any definition, even a hit from behind.

    Quarterbacks get hit from behind all the time. RDE's make a living hitting right-handed quarterbacks from the backside. They also get pulled down by their feet just as frequently, which is what happened with Boller and Leftwhich, and it's something that isn't even remotely "dirty".

    The Colts certainly don't do it, Teerlick certainly doesn't teach it, and the defense certainly doesn't play dirty in the slightest.

    Boomer is just an idiot. You think Tony Dungy would permit that sort of thing? I mean, I don't like Tony Dungy as a coach, but the implication that he would ever encourage that kind of football is so mind-bogglingly stupid that I can't even form a coherent response to anyone who's saying that the Colts play try to play that kind of football, and have done so in the first two games of the season.
    Right on B-town. No penalties were called on either of the plays in which Leftwich or Boller got hurt. Also, the NFL tends to review hits on the quarterback very closely and issue post game fines, if warranted, even if nothing was called during the game. Esiason is milking some beef from back in his playing days, or just trying be controversial to get attention. If he has some hard evidence that Teerlinck teaches dirty tactics he better bring it forth or shut up.
    Dungy, Montae Reagor and Raheem Brock all had Teerlink's back. I guess Colt's assistants don't really talk to the press:
    Thursday, the Colts came quickly to their coach's defense.
    "By no means does he teach dirty hits," tackle Montae Reagor said. "One thing he does teach us is to hit the quarterback as much as possible, but by no means does he teach us dirty tactics."
    Added end/tackle Raheem Brock: "We're not trying to hurt the quarterback. But any way we can get him down, we're going to do it. We take pride in our pass rush."
    Coach Tony Dungy clearly was irritated by Esiason's comments. For Esiason to criticize Teerlinck "when no offensive linemen are talking about it, no quarterbacks in the league are talking about it, I would pretty much discount it," Dungy said.
    Asked if he had a problem with Teerlinck's teaching tactics, Dungy replied, "No, I don't. We've always been one of the least penalized teams in the league. I guess the statistics would speak for themselves. I think they have referees watching (for illegal hits on quarterbacks)."
    Since 2003, the Colts have been penalized eight times for roughing the quarterback -- and only three of the infractions involved the defensive line.
    Teerlinck, 54, is in his 17th season as an NFL coach.

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