The draft date is just about set in stone, October 22

The start time is another matter.

Most likely we will be starting our draft just after Displaced Knicks ABA Keeper League. Right now that looks to be around 11 AM.

I know you guys that live out west will be happy about that.

Also, this year we have a couple of guys from Europe joining us, Able & Mourning. I've spoken with Mourning & he is 7 hours ahead of us, I'm not sure about the time difference for Able.

There is a poll on the site about how best to set the draft clock.

Please vote on this

You have two options.

1. You will allowed 15 minutes to make your draft pick in each round.

2. You will be given a total of 1 hour to use how you like to make your picks for the entire draft.

There are options that I can add with either selection.

If we go with the first one I can change the draft clock in the middle of the draft from 15 minutes to 3. Right now there is no other time option between the two.

If we go with the second choice then I can impose a set time limit per pick. Even though you have an hour I could skip you if you take longer than 10 minutes to make your pick.

Right now the 15 minute per pick option is leading in the voting, 7-3