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No, you're not. To be fair, I only played through Patrol, so for the most part my impressions revolved around driving for what seemed like forever and running like I was in sand. I'll sit down with it this weekend and hopefully get more interested.
To me, it's similar to Grand Theft Auto. The feel, the controls, the shooting, everything. The main difference is you get "punished" for plowing into other cars and injuring people, although from what I've seen you just get chastised at the end of a mission. I loved GTA, but the gameplay is not significantly different besides the time period and the stunning facial graphics, which are truly amazing. The detective stuff is neat, but I seem to suck at it and I spend the majority of my time investigating and usually grabbing objects that have no bearing on anything. It's neat, it's different, but hardly revolutionary. The story is cool, the setting is cool (although one can't help but to see the parallels between this game and the movie LA Confidential, right down to the Irish chief of police). It's neat, and worth playing, but for my money, Red Dead Redemption was vastly superior.