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Thread: Harbaugh Autograph-12 bucks!

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    Default Harbaugh Autograph-12 bucks!

    What a steal!!! I just won a Captain Comeback autograph for 12 bucks, my autograph collection is growing quite nicely.

    Jeanette Lee
    Reggie Wayne
    Dwight Freeney
    Cory Simon
    Marlin Jackson
    Ron Artest
    Eddie Gill
    Jamaal Tinsley
    David Harrison
    Anthony Johnson
    Fred Jones
    Mick Foley
    Sorry, I didn't know advertising was illegal here. Someone call the cops!

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    Default Re: Harbaugh Autograph-12 bucks!

    should have nabbed an UD Certified one for like 20 (card)...

    Yeah autographs are fun to collect. My top one would have to be Lebron James. I got spike lee to which is cool.

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