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    Smooth transitioning

    Iím adjusting fairly well here in Indianapolis. The system here is not as hard as the Eagles, so Iím picking it up. Iím preparing for the season by getting in the playbook and studying. I havenít really had to change my style because I believe if it works donít fix it. The toughest challenge has been getting my family here, getting situated with a place to stay and going to practice. But I enjoy going through the transition because itís a fun part of business weíre in. This season Iím looking forward to winning. I wanted to go to a team that I saw I could help on the defensive side of the ball, and this team is going to win, no question. We have guys in place to do that and weíre going to continue to dedicate ourselves.

    I have no hard feelings toward Andy Reid or the Eagles organization. None at all. They gave me a great opportunity, a great 5 years, with a Super Bowl run. I enjoyed my experience, and I understand itís never personal, itís always business.

    Get ready for a fun-filled, exciting year for the NFL. Not just me and not just the new team, but the whole league. Enjoy the game, and make sure to come and check us out.

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    Nice to see we picked up a Class Act as well as with a top notch Defender..

    Why Not Us ?

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