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    Default Pacers / Kings Preview

    On March 19, the teams with the two best records in the NBA, the Pacers (50-17) and the Kings (49-19) meet at Conseco Fieldhouse in a game which could determine homecourt advantage in a potential Finals matchup between these two teams (7:30 ET, NBA League Pass). We talked to former NBA head coach Don Casey to get his thoughts on the matchup and what the Pacers and Kings need to do to make a long run through the playoffs.

    Dep Anatomy of a Stylish Play: Kings offense | game preview | Miller makes return to Indiana

    NEW YORK, March 19 -- Don Casey spent Wednesday night watching the Portland Trail Blazers take on the Pacers in Indiana on ESPN. And Casey liked what he saw, but ....
    "I liked the way the Pacers played in the first quarter, how they set the pace, how they played good team 'D' and how they caught [the Blazers] on their heels," Casey said. "They scored 31 points in the first quarter."

    Jermaine O'Neal needs to do more of this if the Pacers want to be a playoff force.
    Ron Hoskins
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    Yet, this is where the "but" comes in.

    "Then it was gone," Casey said. "Never to be seen again. They say games are never won in the first quarter, but up until the last five minutes of the game, that seemed to be the case for the Pacers."

    Both the Pacers, who have the NBA's best record, and their opponents on Friday, the Sacramento Kings, will need their big men to start producing more if those teams expect to make a long run in the playoffs.

    One of the things Casey noticed about the Pacers was that they ran the pick-and-roll a lot. And while that's a staple of most NBA offenses, it's what the Pacers do with it once the offense is run.

    "When they run the pick-and-roll, they take a lot of jumpers out of it," Casey said. "They went to the foul line about six times the whole game. Their frontline takes only three foul shots the whole game and that's a sign of perimeter play and very little going to the basket.

    "They'll need good post play if they expect to make a run in the playoffs."

    Chris Webber and the Kings have not had it easy as of late.
    Rocky Widner
    NBAE/Getty Images

    As for the Kings, who have lost the first two games of their three-game East Coast swing, Casey noted that the Kings just have to be the Kings of old.

    "Sacramento needs to get back into the rhythm that got them where they are," Casey said, "and that's up-and-down basketball that they like to play."

    The Kings also may be getting used to having All-Star Chris Webber back in the lineup.

    "I'm sure they're not used to it yet," Casey said, "but they need to go up and down the floor. Teams are going to find themselves at a low ebb during this point of the season.

    "Thing is, you work so hard to get to this point. You build up good feelings about the season, you buidl up momentum. The Kings got caught by New Jersey and they got into a free-for-all with Washington. That might be a wakeup call for them as they go to Indiana. They may be saying to themselves, 'Let's get out of this rut and let's get back home to salvage what we can.'"

    Casey notes that the Pacers should be ready for a hungry Kings team.

    "[The Pacers] are fighting for homecourt adavantage and they're playing a Western Conference team," Casey said. "The question is: Will they rise to the task?

    "I think they should run Webber and Divac up and down the floor to take a toll on them for the last game of the road trip."

    -- Rob Peterson,

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    Default Re: Pacers / Kings Preview

    "[The Pacers] are fighting for homecourt adavantage and they're playing a Western Conference team," Casey said. "The question is: Will they rise to the task?
    WHAT MORE do the Pacers have to show ??? We only have the best record, best road record, best record vs western teams of all eastern teams, one of the best home records, etc. The Kings are the ones who will have to rise to the task after losing 2 successive games and playing away from their favorable Arco Arena where they are fantastic.

    .... Offcourse, something bad had to happen just b4 this game, so Ron Ron is suspended ed: .

    Anyway, keep disrespecting the Pacers ladies and gentlemen of the media, please do, because in the end its likely to only work in our advantage.


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