Q&A: Linebacker Gary Brackett


By ColtPower.com
Date: Sep 6, 2005

ColtPower's John Cimasko recently hosted Colts middle linebacker Gary Brackett on his radio show on WIBC radio in Indianapolis. Here are a few of the questions John posed during their interview.

John: "Gary, you go from a walk-on at Rutgers University...to be the starting middle linebacker for a Super Bowl contender. What got you there?"

Gary: "I think just a lot of hard work and perseverance. Sometimes things aren't always in your corner, but one thing I can do when I'm out there on the field is run to the ball and work hard. The coach gave me an opportunity and I'm trying to make the most of it."

John: "It's no secret that some people consider you to be a little bit undersized. Is that something that motivates even more?"

Gary: "I've been out there playing, so I'm comfortable with my size out there. I can be productive, I can go out there and make plays and get the job done. So now it doesn't bother me."

John: "People talk so much about the Colts offense, do you feel any pressure on the defense at all to step it up a bit?"

Gary: "No, I don't. I just know we have to be consistent and go out there and make plays -- and give the offense the ball back and give them the opportunity to do what they do. Last year in numbers we were 29th, but we were first or second in turnovers and first or second in sacks. So things like that get overshadowed. Even though we may have given up yards last season....we won twelve games and got the ball back for our offense. This year we're trying to get better on third down, try to make some more big plays, and go out there and be a lot more consistent."

John: "Describe for some folks who don't follow that intensely the role, the job of the middle linebacker in this defense..."

Gary: "I'm really like the quarterback of the defense. I'm out there to get the call from the sidelines, communicate the call to the other ten players out on the field, and make the necessary adjustments."

John: "It's got to be a lot of fun playing with guys like Pro Bowler Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis -- boy, that guy is something else. The league is going to find out this year just who Robert Mathis is..."

Gary: "Robert is amazing. He's a gifted athlete. Last year he had ten and a half sacks. He's one of my favorite guys on the team. We are very die-hard special teams players. We consider ourselves blue collar workers, we go out there with our hard hats and we go to work."

John: "This team has come close, this team has had the opportunities. I would imagine this year...the goal must truly be a Super Bowl championship for the 2005 Indianapolis Colts."

Gary: "Every year you come to training camp, the Super Bowl is on your mind -- and this year especially, with the recent success we've had...This year we really want to finish the deal. We want to go further in the playoffs, do great this season so we can have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. So we're just trying to do everything we can to set ourselves up so we can go to the Super Bowl, and have that chance to bring it all

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