Well to make a long story short I had my main HD fail this past weekend but I didn't lose anything important that I didn't have backed up so everything is easily replaceable on what I lost. My problem is seems my XP Pro Disc has a scratch at a very important part of the install process and it pretty much is pointless , I had a backup copy but I have looked all over hell's half acre and can't find that ethier. I called up MS because I heard they can replace disc if your's get's damaged long as it's not a OEM which mine isn't. So I called them up yesterday and they Wanted me to jump through a ton of hoops , provide my sales reciept which again Lord know's where that is or if I even have it since I bought it when XP came out like 3 years ago. The CD Key which is registered and Valid isn't good enough proof.

So basically right now I am on Windows 98 SE which I actually forgot how much it sucks From what I understand It's is not Illegal to have someone make you a Backup of there Disc. Again I have a CD key and need a copy of XP Proffesional. I really don't want to pay $150 - $200 for a new one cause I need the full version and not the upgrade. I don't know anyone anymore that could get me a copy through there college for cheap through the MS program If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it or if you can Help please send me a PM * think it would be the best way* . I will pay S&H of course and might throw in a few extra $ for your time.

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