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Thread: Who the heck is this years MVP???

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    Its true that JO would probably still not move into the top-10 in FG% for big men. And I'm not saying he doesn't have a lot of room to improve himself here, but c'mon, Shareef has taken more FTs that JO this year, and that's a crime. For a legit-MVP candidate, he shouldn't be fourteenth or whatever he is ranked in FTA. No respect, I tell you. No respect.
    I think that there's a circular argument in there somewhere, but alas...

    That "a lot of room to improve" is the reason why JO shouldn't win MVP. If you said that such a statement applied to KG, you'd get laughed out of the forum. And rightfully so. KG and TD are in leagues of their own.

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    JO is roughly 50th in the league in FG% amongst big men. Not all of those 49 guys ahead of him are getting treated better than he by the ref.s. So JO's non-calls really provide no excuse. If you give JO more calls, then you have to do it for every other maligned big man and JOs positioning ultimately remains the same.
    What the other big do has no consequence to what happens to JO. JO gets fouled and never gets any calls...this does not apply as much to the others. I'm sure they get their fair share of calls, but JO does not get as much as he deserves. This is why his FG% is so down.
    You're telling me that JO gets more no-calls than Sheed and Chris Bosh?, both of whom shoot a far better FG%. C'mon, you've got to be kidding.
    Yes. Since when does Chris Bosh, a rookie, get more no-calls???
    Excuse me? I've been up for about 30 hours now without sleep, but I don't think that logic is failing me. A no-call being a foul of a player which isn't called, right? Of course, rookies and Sheed are going to get more of them.

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