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Thread: The L.A. Clippers & the Expansion Draft

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    Default The L.A. Clippers & the Expansion Draft

    Well it looks like the last installment has run its course so time for another.

    Lets get the acknowledgements out of the way.

    From, a story on the Bobcats draft.

    This paragraph has the basic info.

    Charlotte will receive lists from each of the 27 teams not competing in the NBA Finals 10 days prior to the scheduled Expansion Draft (June 12) and those from the competing teams in the Finals within two days of the conclusion of the Finals. Team lists will designate a maximum of eight protected players for that teamís players under contract or restricted free agents for the 2004-05 NBA season. The unprotected players are eligible for selection by the Bobcats, who will draft a minimum of 14 players from NBA rosters.

    Free agent info from REAL GM.

    Salary information can be found at Hoops Hype

    Here is a look at the Clippers current roster.

    Elton Brand
    Corey Maggette
    Predrag Drobnjak
    Chris Kaman
    Keyon Dooling
    Chris Wilcox
    Marko Jaric
    Quentin Richardson
    Melvin Ely
    Doug Overton
    Eddie House
    Bobby Simmons
    Josh Moore
    Matt Barnes

    Of the 14 players the Clippers have, 8 are under contract for next season. 2 of the 6 free agents are restricted.

    This group is signed for 04-05.

    Elton Brand --------- $12,056,000
    Corey Maggette ----- $6,160,000
    Predrag Drobnjak --- $2,812,500
    Chris Kaman --------- $2,574,240
    Chris Wilcox ---------- $2,210,880
    Marko Jaric ----------- $2,100,000
    Melvin Ely ------------- $1,742,400
    Eddie House ------------ $825,000

    The 2 restricted free agents can be protected.

    Keyon Dooling -------- $3,073,277
    Quentin Richardson -- $2,562,338

    These 4 are unrestricted free agents & can not be protected.

    Doug Overton
    Bobby Simmons
    Josh Moore
    Matt Barnes

    The Clippers no brainers list will have more names on it than you might think. Brand & Maggette are only the beginning. Kamen, Wilcox, Jaric & Richardson gives us 6, with the following 4 players vying for the last 2 spots.

    Drobnjak, Ely, House & Dooling.

    Drobnjak has 3 years remaining on his contract starting in the 2.8 range next year. That's about right for what he does. He is a fairly solid back up that generally doesn't hurt you & on occassion can give you some points & rebounds. Being 6-11 270 doesn't hurt either. I think L.A. puts him on the list, giving us 7.

    Ely is exactly what the Bobcats want. He is 6-10 260 & will turn 26 in May. Even better news is his contract. 1.7 next season, followed by a "team option" year paying him 2.4. Ely hasn't really worked out well in L.A. I know it doesn't make a whole lot of sence to leave the #12 pick from the 2002 draft out there for the taking but I think the Clippers will leave him off the list.

    Eddie House has entrenched himself in the Clippers rotation & is a major bargin at 800K next season. It makes a lot more sense to keep him over Ely, so House gets spot #8.

    Keyon Dooling has been given every opportunity to succeed in L.A. & just isn't cutting it. I know he's had some issues with injuries but his shooting percentage (.391 FG - .156 3FG) & assist to turn over numbers (2 to 1) are weak. On top of that his contract for next season would be just over 3M. No way they keep him.

    So, the Clippers protected list is .....

    Elton Brand
    Corey Magettee
    Chris Kamen
    Chris Wilcox
    Marko Jaric
    Quentin Richardson
    Predrag Drobnjak
    Eddie House

    Players available for the Clippers.....

    Melvin Ely
    Keyon Dooling

    Like I said above, Ely is exactly what Charlotte is looking for, he gets selected.

    Here is the Charlotte Expansion Draft.

    Atlanta ------------- No Pick
    Boston --------- C - Kedrick Perkins ------- $729,500
    Chicago ------------ No Pick
    Cleveland ----- G - Kevin Ollie ----------- $2,704,350
    Dallas ---------- G - Tony Delk ----------- $3,150,000
    Denver --------- F - Ryan Bowen -------- $1,400,000 (est)
    Detroit -------------- No Pick
    Golden State ------ No Pick
    Houston ------ GF - Adrian Griffin ---------- $807,546
    Indiana -------- C - Primoz Brezec ------- $1,554,326
    L.A. Clippers -- F - Melvin Ely ------------- $1,742,400

    Total payroll $12,088,122

    Links to previous threads in this series.

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    Chicago -----
    Cleveland --
    Dallas -------
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    Detroit ------
    Golden St. --
    Houston ----
    Indiana -----

    Next up, the L.A. Lakers

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    Default Re: The L.A. Clippers & the Expansion Draft

    Ely just makes to much sense to pass up for the Bobcats. I can't argue against any of the logic here.

    Atlanta - no pick
    Boston - Jumaine Jones
    Chicago - Chris Jeffries
    Cleveland - Kedrick Brown
    Dallas - Tony Delk
    Denver - no pick
    Detroit - no pick
    Golden State - Popeye Jones
    Houston - no pick
    Indiana - Primoz Brezac
    L.A. Clips - Melvin Ely

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    Default Re: The L.A. Clippers & the Expansion Draft

    you know you got it right when nobody argues. I'd like to express my gratitude for these threads. i normally don't respond but keep up the good work.

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    Default Re: The L.A. Clippers & the Expansion Draft

    Given what I have the Bobcats taking before, I don't see how they take Dooling (not that he's been impressive anyway). Ely it is.

    Atlanta - No Pick
    Boston - Kedrick Perkins
    Chicago - No Pick _or_ Eddie Robinson + Draft Pick
    Cleveland - No Pick
    Dallas - Tony Delk
    Denver - No Pick
    Detroit - No Pick _or_ Campbell (in hopes of getting talent for an expiring contract at the deadline)
    Golden State - No Pick
    Houston - Adrian Griffin
    Indiana - Primoz Brezec
    LA Clippers - Melvin Ely

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