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    this was on about a month ago but i thought i would put in my thoughts of the discovery channel's sharkweek mythbusters special. i thought they really dropped the ball on some things.
    for starters, they mentioned they were going to test myths from the movie jaws.
    they mentioned that the shark in the movie was around 6'000 lbs. even though that is over 1000 lbs. heavier than any known great white ever weighed, they decided to go with a replica of a shark going like 3'000 lbs instead- wtf? since the heaviest known white shark went over 4'500 lbs i see no reason they couldn't use that one instead. i know jaws was just a movie but i think the main idea here was that jaws was not just an average sized white shark but a shaq-like supermonster.

    they did tests of some things like if it could really pull down the barells like the movie shark did and whether it could destroy the divers cage like the jaws shark did etc. these were indeed fun to see them try it all that stuff but they were supposed to be testing jaws myths- not myths of smaller to just about average sized white sharks.
    hmm, well- i guess there is always next year i suppose for them to get it right.

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    I don't think you're someone I want to get stuck talking to at a party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harmonica
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    I don't think you're someone I want to get stuck talking to at a party.

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    Did anyone see the one where they lifted a sunken boat with ping pong balls?

    They used a pump to feed the ppb's into the ships hold and the air inside them caused the boat to rise.

    I thought is was cool....
    But I didn't catch any of Sharkweek. Sorry

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    I love that show. I watch it all the time. They have done some really great stuff on there.

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