Here's this week's Power Ranking's.......They must think a RUSTY C.Webber is a difference....(I don't think so)!
Current Team Previous
1 Sacramento Kings 1
Chris Webber is back, and they really haven't missed a beat. But now the schedule gets real tough and we'll see how it goes.
2 Indiana Pacers 2
These guys hardly waver, which is a reflection of their defense, Jermaine O'Neal and the focus of coach Rick Carlisle.
3 Detroit Pistons 6
Five games now and nobody has reached 70 points. They don't just shut people down, they lock 'em up and throw away the key.
4 Minnesota Timberwolves 3
They're really struggling to incorporate three guys who have been out all year. The next step could be hyperventilation.
5 San Antonio Spurs 4
Without Tim Duncan, they're still 5-3. Not only do they play great defense, but Gregg Popovich is so underrated it's absurd.
6 Los Angeles Lakers 5
They're not 100 percent healthy, but at least everybody is back on the floor. To underestimate them would be crazy.
7 Dallas Mavericks 8
No way these guys should be 13-20 on the road. Nellie should have cut back Antoine Walker's minutes sooner.
8 Memphis Grizzlies 7
They finally lost again after winning seven in a row and 13 of 15. Now we'll see how they respond to the return to earth.
9 Houston Rockets 10
Maybe NOW they have it together after several false positives. Jim Jackson's presence is helping Yao Ming more daily.
10 New Jersey Nets 9
They are breaking down a little bit with Jason Kidd's knee and Kenyon Martin's ankle. Do they have enough depth?
11 Denver Nuggets 14
Bouncing back with three wins in four games relieves some of the pressure. Let's see if they can hang on now.
12 Portland Trail Blazers 15
Maybe they just caught the Timberwolves and Kings at the right time, or maybe they're for real. We'll know soon.
13 Utah Jazz 12
Gordan Giricek was a steal for the offense he brings them, now we'll see if they have enough inside.
14 Cleveland Cavaliers 18
Anybody who says they REALLY thought LeBron James could lead them into the playoffs as a rookie is lying.
15 New Orleans Hornets 13
Tim Floyd apologists notwithstanding, Paul Silas had to win with the same injuries to Jamal Mashburn and others.
16 Milwaukee Bucks 11
They're really struggling. To blow a 26-point lead to the Knicks at home is the low point of the season.
17 Miami Heat 19
They don't have much in the way of size, winning experience or depth, but that starting lineup is talented and improving quickly.
18 New York Knicks 17
Vin Baker helps them inside and allows Isiah Thomas to package Kurt Thomas somewhere this summer.
19 Boston Celtics 16
Paul Pierce surpassed Larry Bird as the Celtic to reach 10,000 points in the fewest games. Not that he'll surpass any more of Bird's records.
20 Toronto Raptors 23
With Jalen Rose back early, and Vince Carter and Chris Bosh healthy, they'll be in the playoff hunt all the way.
21 Seattle SuperSonics 20
After losing 17 of 22 without him, Brent Barry's splashy return makes the sad Sonics offseason more of a quandary.
22 Philadelphia 76ers 24
This Allen Iverson/Chris Ford thing is out of hand. Does A.I. really have to go now?
23 Los Angeles Clippers 21
Same story, different season. Promising young talent, injuries hit, confidence sags, hope for a high lottery pick.
24 Golden State Warriors 22
Rather than go into any more unnecessary details over the same old mess, just see above explanation.
25 Phoenix Suns 26
When Jerry Colangelo announces he's on the verge of selling, you know this franchise is in for a major transition.
26 Atlanta Hawks 28
The Hawks actually placed five players in double figures in their win over the Wizards. Then again, it was the Wizards.
27 Washington Wizards 25
Evidently, somebody got to Jerry Stackhouse and said, "Hey, since we're still paying, you're still playing."
28 Orlando Magic 29
John Gabriel out, John Weisbrod in as general manager. Neither 62 points nor a scoring title provide solace for Tracy McGrady.
29 Chicago Bulls 27
It's hard to fathom that a franchise that so dominated the terrain for a decade can be in such a state of disrepair.