1st time poster to Pacers Digest.

I have a couple of trade scenarios that I find interesting. I was just wondering what the reast of you think.

Trade #1: All Harrington, Ron Artest, and a First Round draft pick to the Lakers for a sign and trade for Kobe Bryant.

Before everyone laughs and dismissed this scenario outright, it would be beneficial for both teams.

Beneficial for the Pacers: Kobe is a top 5 player in the League. Kobe's outside game would greatly clear out the middle for J.O. The trade of Harrington would give more playing time to Cro and Bender.

Beneficial for the Lakers: Lakers would be losing Kobe for nothing as a Free Agent. Artest is an All-Star player who is still improving. Harrington gives the Lakers the 4 position that they have been needing for years.

Trade Scenario #2: Al Harrington and (Either) Jeff Foster or Scot Pollard for Eric Dampier.

Beneficial for the PAcers: Dampier would give the PAcers the inside prescence that they have needed since the loss of the Davis' and Smits. Also create more playing time for Cro and Bender

Beneficial for G.S.: Again, they are getting some talent back for a player that could leave with no compensation. G.S. would be getting a still developing Harrington who has the POTENTIAL to improve dramatically, as well as filling the empty Center spot with a servicable player.

What do the rest of you think?

C. Neil Milton