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Thread: consideraton for game-forecast against Blazers & Kings

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    Default consideraton for game-forecast against Blazers & Kings

    In both games which we lost away, we played with Kenny at point, Reggie was of no particular influence on the game and in general we shot poorly against the Kings and Artest was out early in the game against he Kings.

    We can safely assume that not only did Portland change its outlook, so did we It will be interesting to watch how much of a difference Tins makes in these games and if he's able to bring Reggie in to the game as he usually does.

    Pollie played few minutes in both games and not making any impression, but he started playing better later on in the season, I'm not sure wheteher he will see time, though I would think he can be of use banging under the boards.

    Also nowhere near the rotation in earlier games was Bender, in all there is an interesting twist with all the changes on their team to an extend that we forget all the changes on the Pacers

    your ideas ?
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    Default Re: consideraton for game-forecast against Blazers & Kings

    The Pacers will have a tough time against the Blazers for two very big reasons - Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Theo Ratliff.

    Remember all the trouble the Pacers had against Atlanta earlier this season and last? Ratliff had an impact on many of those games (I'm remembering a game saving blocked shot against J.O. last year). Even when Shareef was with the Grizzlies he's always given the Pacers trouble.

    The Pacers still won most of those matches but it was a nerve-racking affair each time. Throw in Zach Randolph and it'll be a tough game.

    Isn't it funny that Zach and J.O.'s numbers are so similar? He's kind of erased the pain in Portland from the lopsided loss of Jermaine O'Neal. This is going to be a great game.

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    Default Re: consideraton for game-forecast against Blazers & Kings

    Last night against milwaukee the blazers had a 20 pt lead in the third only to give the lead up in the fourth before winning on a miracle shot by stoudimire.

    the last few minutes of the game, randolf got 1 freakin shot...stoudi and anderson kept hoisting up threes that wouldn't fall.

    I would have no problem if they decided to do the same thing tonight against us!

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    Default Re: consideraton for game-forecast against Blazers & Kings

    Damon did his last shot, so he's vindicated somewhat.

    Since peeing in the bottle, he's played better.

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