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    Default downtime

    We are sorry for downtime experienced.

    This is not a habit, however a critical piece of equipment (switch) died on us, and while all external connections were unreachable, the total network was up and running, therefore no alarms were raised on the machines.

    The swich has been replaced, (we have one on standby at all time) however since this happened while we were asleep, no one noticed until we finally got out of bed.

    (first time in a month I go to bed before 4 AM something like this happens)

    sorry to have inconvenienced you all, hope you can forgive us.

    kind regards

    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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    Default Re: downtime

    I'm glad you got the problem fixed.

    Needless to say I nearly freaked out when I couldn't get on for a long time.

    Again, thanks for the forum space.

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    Default Re: downtime

    I thought maybe you and Hicks had had a tiff and you took your ball and went home.

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