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Thread: Bobby Knight Reality Show

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    Default Bobby Knight Reality Show

    I might watch this....?

    Knight tries reality TV
    Texas Tech coach, ESPN plan show to find walk-on.

    By Terry Hutchens

    Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight has signed with ESPN to do a reality TV show in which 16 Texas Tech students will vie for a walk-on spot on Knight's 2006-07 basketball team.

    The competition will take place this fall and the show, "Knight School," will be aired in six one-hour episodes beginning Feb. 19. The participants will go through the same kind of conditioning and drills that Knight's players at Texas Tech and Indiana University have experienced for more than 30 years.

    Former IU standout Tom Coverdale said he thinks the reality show contestants are in for just that -- a dose of reality.

    "I remember going into it thinking that I was ready for it, but it was a lot more physical and demanding than even I thought it was going to be," said Coverdale, who played at IU from 1999-2003. "I'm guessing it will be an eye-opening experience for a lot of those guys.

    "But I know one thing: I'll definitely watch it."

    The show will include practice sessions as well as shots of the Texas Tech campus and student activities.

    Steve Downing, who played on Knight's first IU team in the 1971-72 season and now is a senior associate athletic director for internal affairs at Texas Tech, said the show has been in the planning stages for several months.

    "I just think this is great for Texas Tech, because it will give the school a lot of good, national exposure," Downing said. "And I know it's something that coach Knight is really excited about."

    Downing said the university has been working with the NCAA to make certain the show would not violate rules.
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    Default Re: Bobby Knight Reality Show

    I'm really surprised, I don't know much about Knight but having read "A Season On the Brink" I assumed that he was not very media friendly.

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    Default Re: Bobby Knight Reality Show

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    Default Re: Bobby Knight Reality Show

    I'm gonna watch that. That should be one of the best reality shows on T.V.

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    Default Re: Bobby Knight Reality Show

    That's very interesting. Integrity-compromising, but interesting.

    I'd definitely watch it.
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    Default Re: Bobby Knight Reality Show

    Wow, Something else for the Knight Brigade to hang their hats on.

    I can see it now.....

    "Where's Davis' reality show? This just proves the IU should have never fired Knight! What IS zero tolerance anyway? Blah, blah blah....hoosier talent getting away...blah blah blah...."

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    Default Re: Bobby Knight Reality Show

    Count Blobulous getting his ego stroked with more face time. I wonder if they will edit out the choking parts. And what will be the ritual for getting booted? "Son, yo *** is about to get unceremoniously drop-kicked quite literally out of not only this arena and Lubbock proper, but the whole critter riddled hell hole that is West Texas. Gimme another peeber, NOW mf!"

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