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Thread: Creation of an Audio File

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    Default Creation of an Audio File

    Geezer Jr. has been writing music via Midi hook-up to his piano but in order to burn a CD of this he must first convert it to an audio file.

    How does he do this?

    His music software program is Cakewalk Music Creator.

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    Default Re: Creation of an Audio File

    That's awesome...I used to do the exact same thing with my keyboard. I had Cakewalk v9.0 and was quite good with it.

    This was back when I had my Gr.8 piano, and actually bothered to compose. I wish I remembered some of the cool stuff I learned with Cakewalk to help you out.

    Now when he goes to save his project in cakewalk, is it trying to save as some special "cakewalk" file instead of an .mp3 or .wav file?

    When clicking save, look near the bottom of that box to see if you can save it as something else than that "cakewalk" file. You should be able to "save as" an .mp3, .wav, or other audio files.

    By the way, I'd love to hear some of his stuff. What grade piano is he in?

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