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    Talking L Tax

    Everyone wants to trade Austin, the one who played with broken ribs, and Lord only knows what eles. Why not drop or trade the one who if you count all the years he has been in the league, would not equal one year. Might be wrong on that. And trade Pollard. Then you would be below the tax level.

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    because Austin makes $2 million more than Bender, and $3 million more than Pollard?

    That's roughly a $4-6 million difference when the luxury tax hit comes. Austin's more reliable, but his reliability isnt worth 4-6 million to keep around.

    Also, it's pretty safe to say that no team in the NBA would take Pollard off your hands. Perhaps as an expiring deal, but you'd have to take a long-term salary in return, and the Simons aren't going to sign off on that.

    Personally, as a Pistons fan, I hope you're right. Keeping Croshere and waiving pollard or Bender just makes it that much more likely that you won't re-sign Davis and JJ.

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    It's because Bender's more tradable and Pollard comes off the books after this year.

    We need to waive Austin, trade Bender, and let Pollard's contract run out. That will go a long way in fixing our cap woes.
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    Default Re: L Tax

    Cro makes the most, so that is reason #1
    Pollard is an ending contract, reason #2 to go with Cro and #1 against Polly
    Bender can pen out (yeah yeah) and contribute albeit in a trade, OR can not be fit enough before the season starts and under the new CBA be "written off" on the permanently injured lost (instant cap-relief, PLUS an excemption for the contract amount to sign a new player) reason #3

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