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Thread: Pacers Luck Changing?

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    GO PACERS...Take 'em by storm in the 2005-2006 season!
    How great our subtle yet exciting off season has been. I can't beleive it! The Pacers always seem to be on the outside looking in and it makes it hard for us die-hard fans like me to take other teams getting the breaks. Maybe our luck (or hard work from the brass) is changing. The Pacers went through so much last year, we deserve for our luck to change. We gained lots of new fans over the way we hung in there through bad times. I bet that is something Saras saw in our team and it connected him to our coaches, guys, system and fans. We never gave up!!! Saras probably saw that and wanted to join a true competitor! Great choice, great fit! He seems to be a first class guy. So does Danny Granger. Man oh man I can hardly wait to start hearing from the other members on the team about the new acquisitions. I bet everybody's level of play just turned up a level or two. Could this really be our year? Do you actually think Stern is going to let a small market team win a championship? GO PACERS!

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    + New jerseys motivates our players even more

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    I forgot about those, too!

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    This season should be very excieting and interesting.

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