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Thread: Pacers and luxury tax

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    Default Re: Pacers and luxury tax

    Actually, Pollard was a lot more effective last year than his stats indicate.

    However, once it becomes known that you have cronic back problems, your value in the NBA goes down to zero.

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    Default Re: Pacers and luxury tax

    I don't want us to trade Pollard. Let that money come off the books.
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    Default Re: Pacers and luxury tax

    not re-signing Dale will be forgotten in a heartbeat once David Harrison shows you what he's been working on. it will be a blessing in disguise. Dale helped us big time given the timing of things last season with JO and Davids injuries. But that was that. Giving a lot of dough to a retiring PF shouldn't be one of our bigger grievances. losing DD -and in the event we do- JJ are, i think, losses we can stomach. shed off Cro's salary and let go of Pollard if there was a way... cutting JB now may be counter productive we should've let him go before last season. Sarunas is worth it!

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