LArry Bird is an obvious champion. It seems that Larry Bird hasn't really been "running" this dynasty until now.

And I LOVE what i'm doing. Our lineup has major Dynasty potential. We are young have a lot of promise, our contracts are MOSTLY solid.

S jack/Tins/Ron/JO. If these 4 can somehow become the cohesive unit we all know they could. This is a dynasty lineup. Especially when you consider people like Sarunas/Granger/Foster/Harrison. Harrison and Granger both have the skills to become all stars. If they do is too be seen. But imagine a veteran team of a Jo/Ron/Sjack...leading guys like Granger/Harrison and possibly Bender. If these guys can all really grow up and start playing for a championship, no one can stop us.

People like Ron and Sjack play with more intensity than most players.

I just don't see Larry not earning a title, now that he's "taken over."

Defense wins titles. As much as I love Reggie, now that he's gone. We will see a defensive team like we have NEVER seen. PG is the only spot where we don't have a defensive specialist basically.

Detroits starting 5 is still the best in the league, but with our deep won't matter.

It's all to up Sjack/Ron/Jermaine growing up basically. If that can happen, thist team could be a dynasty with Larry behind the wheel.