The question lately has been to waive Croshere or Bender. Though I admit that I want Austin to stay instead if JB, I want to take a serious look at what we have and what we could get.

We have Cro, who IMO, is hardworking, always willing to help, always willing to play, and does what he's supposed to. Then, we have Bender who, IMO, has been said to have potential, but has been a disappointment so far, injury prone, and unreliable.But that's not the argument/issue.

My point is, if we waive Cro, then we have JO, just JO at the PF.Well sure, we can trade and get somebody else, but who are we going to trade to get something better than Cro in return? Though there is alot of buzz around Tins and Ron, I don't really see that happening. We have JJ, Edwards, and Dale as free agents. I really want Dale to stay, really really. We will resign JJ, and I don't know much about Edwards,admittingly. I also, admittingly, am not a genius about salary caps. However, say we waive Cro, then who do we trade to get somebody in return?

I love AJ, I really do, but he has admitted also that he is backup PG, not quite starting material yet, so who would take him and give something good in return? I understand that there is a thing as untapped potential, and that we could get a seeming Dud that could be an all star, but I doubt it.

So what I'm asking is, what would you do? How would you handle this situation if you had the authority? What trades would you do to acquire the best, if you were to waive Austin?