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Thread: Tinsley going NOWHERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses
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    Sarunas will be our backup PG...Resulting in us trading AJ.

    AJ's trade value is high. A number of teams wouldn't mind acquiring AJ and Pollard in a package. Thats 2 solid bench players for you for a pretty low price. I think we should trade them both away for future picks.
    As I just threw into the 2-1,3-1 trade thread.

    AJ, Pollard and FJ for Carlos Boozer from Utah.

    If gives Utah what they need in a vet Point and a Shooting guard (plus the tradable contract at deadline in Pollard). We get a solution at the backup PF spot (though the price may be the sticking point.).


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    Before you suggest throwing AJ and Freddie into a trade, please consider one thing. AJ is the only "defensive" PG we have, and Freddie is small enough and quick enough to also be able to defend PGs.

    So, I guess what I'm asking is "If you trade both, who the hell is going to guard opposing PGs? Or are we just going to let them run wild for the full 48 minutes?"

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