[This thread was originally titled 'OT: Gonna be in Indy this week (week of 7/25)']

Updated Plans

Day and Time:
Sunday, July 31, Noon to 3 pm (or so)

Buffalo Wild Wings
8440 Castleton Corner Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Phone: 317-577-BWWW (2999)

Mapquest Link to location

Planning to be there List:
Shade (I think)

The Maybe List:
Jose Slaughter

Please PM me or post in this thread if you want me to add your name to one of the lists.

---------------Original post------------------------------
I'm going to be in Indy this week to see family, and would love a chance to meet up with a few of my PD buddies if I can. I've already been talking to Jose about it via PM, seeing as how he's PD's "unofficial gathering coordinator".

My plans are still not 100% nailed down, so I'm probably going to continue to coordinate any mini get-togethers via PMs with Jose, though he's already told me that he himself may not be able to get together this week. I'll try and give a firm date and time as soon as I'm able to once I get to Indy. I'm hoping to be able to be able to meet up sometime later in the week if possible.

I'll probably check in one more time before hitting the road...