Look, avatar aside, I really try not to be obsessive-compulsive all the time. But it's the summer, and now's a good time for my annual "read your post before asking us to" thread.

This is an internet message board, not English 710. Everybody spells stuff wrong, everybody types stuff wrong. It's conversation, not composition. We want everyone to feel free to post without needing a graduate degree in Basketball Literature.

But have some respect for the people you're talking to. This board is here for conversation. It's the home of the best Pacers discussions on (or off) the net, and some of the best basketball discussions you'll find anywhere. If you just want to scream and yell, there's always the Star or RealGM.

Respecting your readers means making your ideas accessible to them. One really great way to do this is to use reasonably complete sentences. Capitalize the first word. Use punctuation to break up the thoughts. Nobody's asking you to diagram sentences here (I'm terrible at that). But if you consistently refuse to write in a way that's understandable, there's only two possible conclusions the rest of us can draw:

1. You're a moron.
2. You don't care if anyone understands what you're talking about.

Either way, it's not worth reading your posts.

This post brought to you by your friendly neighborhood defective detective.