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Thread: Luis Scola

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    Default Luis Scola

    It sounds like the Spurs are considering trading his draft rights.

    Should we go after this guy, then? Anyone here know a lot about him?
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    Default Re: Luis Scola

    Scola is a hell of a player. He was without a doubt Argentina's 2nd-best player in the olympics last year. He plays solid D, scores inside and runs the floor very well for a PF. Whomever gets him would be getting a bargain.

    His main weakness is his post defense, which I gather is why SA chose to sign Oberto over Scola.

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    Default Re: Luis Scola

    We need a PF, too...
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    Default Re: Luis Scola

    How old is he? I don't see why SA would do this, when they could keep him overseas for a couple more years.
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    Default Re: Luis Scola

    I think that he is pretty upset that the Spurs want to keep him overseas next season. I think there are some free agent PFs who are just as solid we can sign.

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    Default Re: Luis Scola

    He sounds as though he'd be more useful than Sarunas
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    Default Re: Luis Scola

    there seem to be conflicting reports regarding his buyout clause from his euro team.....according to some thats the root of the problem

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