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Thread: OT - Best way to buy an XBox?

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    Default OT - Best way to buy an XBox?

    I'd like to buy an Xbox, but I can't seem to find a reasonable way to do it. I absolutely will not spend more than $100, including shipping. There's a rumor that XBox pricing will be cut to $99 at the end of this year, but so far it's just a rumor.

    BTW, I'm not looking for a gaming console. I want to start hacking together my home entertainment system, and an Xbox running Freevo on Xebian seems like a good start. I haven't decided yet whether I'd rather have it run locally or use it as a front-end for a media server, but I'm leaning towards the latter. Streaming files across my network shouldn't be too hard.

    By the way, I have never done this and don't have the experience to guarantee that I will be able to finish it. In terms of real cost (capital plus time), it would probably be cheaper to buy a TiVo. This is because I'm looking for something to do and want to learn some new stuff. Also, if I can get the thing functional, it will be more powerful than a TiVo, as I will be able to rip all of my DVDs, cds, and favorite shows to my own digital archive, in addition to using the thing as a linux-based PC.
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    Default Re: OT - Best way to buy an XBox?

    Have you heard of the Five Fingered Discount?

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    Default Re: OT - Best way to buy an XBox?

    I have a modded xbox which I use for most of my media playing. You should be aware that Xbox media player will not play all media files. It generally wont touch anything in Real or Quicktime format and sometimes struggles with mpegs and avi's depending on the file.

    I also have my pc connected up to my tv so when a movie fails to play on the xbox i can just play it on the pc. So for some purposes having a pc as the front end for your media centre can be more flexible than having an xbox. Xbox is generally alot cheaper tho. I paid ~$AU500 (~$US300 the exchange rate keeps jumping about recenlty) all up for my xbox including 4 controllers and the mod chip.

    If you want stream files across the network this doesn't really apply, but be aware that there are 3 different types of DVD-rom available in the xbox. The best type (pioneer) will play basically anything from a copied dvd to a copied cdr. The other two are a bit more iffy, some will play copied dvds and some wont, generally those other two wont have a bar of a copied cdr tho.

    Other things you might want to consider is the DVD remote/reciever which is required to play DVD unless you modchip the xbox. This costs ~$US20 probbly but is a valuable tool unless you have a programmable remote or something. The Xbox AV pack is also a good expansion which gives you S-video for better picture quality and 5.1 sound, etc.

    This is the most comprehensive website for Xbox related information.


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    Default Re: OT - Best way to buy an XBox?

    I'd be interested in knowing how this turns out Anthem.

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