Well, seeing as there isn't much new news today....I guess I'll ask a question I've been wondering about; plus everybody else gets their own player thread! It's no fair, I want one too!!

This is about the man, the myth, the legend, and the body that changed a franchise....yes ladies and gentleman you know I am talking about......(Drum Roll).................Austin Croshere!!!!!

Just Kidding, it's about Reggie (surprise surprise!!!)

I Just want to know, is the grieving period over? Has he reached legendary (at least here) proportions and the occasional highlight reel or Larry Brown final time out are no longer allowed to generate tears? I watched the Lakers/Pacers finals series, and seeing those still brought a tear to my eye. Hell, that damn commercial with Timmy D, D-Wade, Reggie, etc. makes me tear up every time I see it.

Is the grace period over? Is this the last Reggie farewell directed post?Are Mariah Carey's boobs really real?