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Thread: Who wil start Center this year?

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    Default Re: Who wil start Center this year?

    This is all too easy. David Harrison will start opening night and continue to start for us throughout his 10-15 year career with the Pacers. Someday when I am an old man and have a bunch of little SoupIsGoods running around #13 will hang from the rafters.

    I can't believe this is even a question.

    Can we split this thread? I hate when Harrison talk is diluted with this Artest stuff.
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    Default Re: Who wil start Center this year?

    Foster will likely start. If not him...then DD ( if he is still with us ). Although I hope that Harrison has made progress....I don't think he is starting material. At best...if he is playing real well....Harrison could end up starting ahead of Foster/DD....but I think that Carlisle will start the best Center that has the most experience. Harrison will likely still make rookie/sophmore mistakes and I don't think Carlisle will like that. At worst...which I think is the likely scenario.....Harrison will play solid backup Center minutes at 17 to 25 mpg. Now if DD doesnt sign with us....he will be the main backup guy...playing 25+ mpg at Center.

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    Default Re: Who wil start Center this year?

    I see Foster as our starting center, with DD getting most of the backup min. I expect Carlisle to make his decisions after training camp, but I don't see DD, or Harrison outplaying Foster for the position. Harrison needs to show some real progress on his defense, and rebounding. If we dump Cro, that would open up a few more min. for someone backing up J.O.
    Another question might be, who's the odd man out if Foster, DD, Harrison, and Pollard are healthy? I would guess Pollard.

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    Default Re: Who wil start Center this year?

    the more i think about this, the more id like to see harrison start at least for the first part of the season...first 30 game or so and then reevaluate...

    hes obviously gifted physically....if hes done his part by getting in great shape and continues to work hard, then i say have at it...

    if hes potentially the center of the future then put him in the starting some respects, given the strength of the starters, expectations will be lower with him starting....he has people around him to help with his mistakes...if he gets in foul trouble so be it,,,its a learning experience and we should have plenty of backup....

    it will allow jo to play the weaker power player on the other team...and jo can play weakside and help david out that way...david takes up a lot of space and would definitely help in boxing someone out, which should help jos rebounding totals....he also should make it much more difficult for the opposition to defend the post with both he and jo down there....

    we may suffer (though i dont think much) in the early part, but i think we would reap the rewards later on and in the playoffs....

    it just seems he might develop much better starting...

    let him start...if he plays well, then he can play more that nite....if hes having a bad nite, he doesnt play as biggie....

    this is his second year, so its a bit late to say baptism by fire....but the more i think about it the more i like it....

    lets find out just what we got...and the sooner the better....if he develops, then we are all better for it....if he goes backwards, then we can plan accordingly

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