For a player such as Jamison Brewer, who has spent four years mostly sitting for Indiana and New York, coming to Wolves camp was another stab at the dream. "People say I'm a vet, but I'm young, too," said Brewer, 24. "I learned a lot. I feel it's my time now, man. The main thing in the NBA as far as a point guard, you've got to be a leader and vocal and know how to run a team. I feel like I'm where I need to be." For Bracey Wright, the Hoosiers shooting guard who slipped to No. 47 in the second round, this is a chance to prove people wrong. Wright has been working at point guard this week, trying to find the skills more suited to his size.

"Everybody who didn't draft me made a mistake," he said. "I said I was going to make any team that I went to. I bring too much to the table to just fall by the wayside. Come October, I'm going to be on a roster right here."

I seem to remember those exact same words being uttered here.--(Brewer)

as for Bracey's comments.....Rotsa Ruck