I'm not singling anyone out, but I've read several, SEVERAL posts about keeping the Pacers team the same. I'm not sure you guys want a championship with this talk. It's like, it hasn't worked before, what makes you think it's gunna work now?

As much as I hate to say this, I'll say it, Jermaine O'neal is an important peice to this team. That isn't hard to admit for some, but I find O'neal's lack of trust in other teammates to be very aggrivating, but that's another story, another argument. Every good team needs a good big man, and O'neal is just that, a good big man. You guys all know his values.

Ron Artest is perhaps my favorite player on the court with his defense intensity and the fact that he brings consistancy and plays with more heart than anyone I've ever seen. I believe he's a changed man and I'm willing to bet that he'll take the nba by storm next season, being just as good as he was at the beginning of last season.

Jamaal Tinsley is exactly the point guard we need on this team. He's a great floor leader and runs the point exactly the way I think we need it. If you watch AJ run the point for a while, like we did, and then see Jamaal run the point again, like we did, you get to appreciate everything he brings to the table. He has court vision, which I don't think ANYONE else on this team does. He can find people open on the perimeter, as well as dump the ball to someone open downlow. I've got to believe that if this team has a shot to win it all, it's with Jamaal running the point.

Stephen Jackson is the most expendable player we've got on this team. And I'm not saying I don't like Stephen Jackson. I love the guy. I think he proved his defensive abilities against Tayshaun Prince in the playoffs last season. He's just to inconsistant for this team and his decision making is pretty crappy. But I'll be happy with him being on this team if there is no available deal for another impact player. But as far as the Pacers' key peices, Jackson has got to be the most expendable and attractive player to other teams.

Dale Davis. If DD re-signs, that is, I'll be happy with him starting again this season. But I don't think Dale can play that many minutes. I'm all for the grooming of Harrison to be the eventual starter, but I don't think Harrison will be ready for another year or two.

David Harrison, like I just said, I think Hulk will be the future for us at center. I like Harrison and feel that he'll be a better Eric Dampier. Maybe Dampier with offense and hair.

Jeff Foster. I love Frosty and feel that he's an important key for us to win a championship. I'm willing to bet that the Spurs would add him to their team if they could. He's a role player that bring energy off the bench, as well as play down the stretch. I think Foster is best suited off the bench. He's two underrated to trade though, so I'd like to go on the record to say that I think trading Foster is a retarded move to make.

Freddie Jones. I love Freddie. The highlight video I believe that soup posted has reminded me of the Freddie that makes shots and thunderous dunks. I think Freddie gets better every year and once he learns to play with consistancy and knock down the jumpers on a regular basis, we'll be on the right path. I think Fred can be one of those key, 'role players'.

Now I'm gunna get nasty.

Anthony Johnson. I think Johnson is a complete f**k @$$! Yeah, he's a decent player. But he's overrated and will never be more than a backup. What I hate about AJ is that he has zero court vision, and when Jamaal gets the Pacers on a role and are on their way to a blowout, AJ comes in, and all the momentum completely shifts and we're back into a drag it out, under 5 point victory/loss game. AJ is more of a shooting guard, and his stock is outragously high for his actual game, so if any deal happens, I hope to god that AJ is on his way somewhere else.

Jonathan Bender. I said in another thread that we should cut Bender... with a knife! I stand by it. Bender makes me wanna pull my hair out. Look up 'vagina' in the dictionairy, and I'm sure it'll say something about Bender. Every year, I think, Bender could break out and we'll be great. And every year, he gets hurt without being touched. If his knee is this bad, why not opperate? Why not put him under the knife before someone else does it without a doctor's license? It's aggrivating to think that we didn't re-sign Brad cuz he wanted to much money, and yet this punk who has done nothing but sit on the bench and waste all our time. DOWN WITH BENDER! DOWN WITH BENDER!

Austin Croshere. I think Croshere may be cut, but if he isn't, he should be. Croshere has one or two good games in a spand of 10. We can finally drop the, 'Isiah was racist against Austin' chant, seeing as Rick doesn't like playing him either. Hopefully, Croshere won't be here next season.

James Jones. Everyone here loves James Jones. Hurrah for James Jones. Well I don't. JJ to me, is overrated by Indiana Pacers fans. (except for me) JJ lacks any confidence at all, doesn't shoot that well from the field, and I feel he's only 'average' on defense.

John Edwards... will be not employed by the Pacers.

Eddie Gill. The best scoring pg we have. Also the worst defender we have. Gill is expendable, and even cutable. I don't think he'll ever have a defined role on this team with his defensive retardedness.

Scot Pollard... Yeah.... His contract is up next offseason, so he'll definetly be used in a trade. I like Scot more than I did last season, but I still dislike him to the extreme. Bah!

As for Danny Granger. I have yet to form an opinion of Danny, although I'm sure he'll be very good and I'll have nothing but good things to say of him. But I'm not going to jump the gun and get all horny about him until I see him play and see if he's durable, mentally strong, and will play the all-around game like I'm told he can.

Ok, what's the point of my rant? Only a few players like, O'neal, Jackson, Artest, Tinsley, Foster, are peices that should be kept. This team needs to be changed and if you guys keep saying, 'I'm fine with the team the way it is' your basically admitting that you don't want a championship. This team can't win a championship the way it is now, or atleast, I'm very much not on board with their chances.

I'd also like to say that I hope Chris Thomas makes this team. I think he's a fun player that would be a fan favorite.

Just my thoughts.. hate them or love them. Regardless, I still love you.