How are Injured Players Coming Along?

Thursday, July 14, 2005
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Conrad Brunner

Q. Can you give us an update on how everyone's injuries are coming along? Have any of the guys had any surgeries yet or do they plan to? Also, I know that (Jonathan) Bender is going to play in the summer leagues but do you know how he's looked and felt so far? Is he still kind of tentative or is he going all out, full contact? (From Matt in Indiana)

A. The two most pleasant surprises have been Bender and David Harrison. Though Bender has not been practicing with the Pacers' summer campers this week, he has been working out regularly and the reports the team has received are extremely positive. He presently is scheduled to play in two of the summer league games in Minnesota in order to test both his conditioning and his knee's ability to recover from game stress.

After missing the final month of the regular season and the playoffs due to a minor knee procedure, Harrison did a remarkable job keeping his weight down and reported to rookie camp as slim as he's been since joining the Pacers. He, too, is being brought along at a measured rate. He hasn't been going through the full-speed scrimmages but is expected to get some game action in Minnesota.

Though Danny Granger won't play in Minnesota, it's a preventive measure. He had knee surgery during his senior season at New Mexico and missed just three games before returning, thus he never was able to regain full strength in his leg. The Pacers are playing it safe with Granger because they want him at 100 percent for training camp.