Here's some of what I remember:

Ron has been going hard as always. He has one speed and it's been interesting to see the rookies try to take it to him. None of them have backed down from him.

David Harrison has been playing well, too, and appears to be in good shape. He thinks he's going to be able to play in most of the summer league games, but they are going to play it by ear a bit.

He doesn't want Ron to try and get 40 points and 20 rebounds, although he'd take the 20 rebounds. He wants him to try and fit into the team framework. It's a good chance for him to get re-acquainted with the system and get up and down the court.

Stephen Jackson asked about playing on the summer league team.

Chris Thomas is intriguing.

He's impressed by Romain Sato.

He's going to blame any losses on Chuck.....