Yes I now believe that Tinsley is the key to the Pacers team. He is the X-factor.

Since Tinsley has been in the lineup the Pacers are 28-6. Yes 28-6. That is Chicago Bulls of the 1990's type record. 28-6.

I love how Tinsley has been playing this whole season, but the last two games he has been playing at an allstar level. I am serious.

He has had great energy, he has run the ballclub beautifully, he has been all over the court.

I never thought I would ever say this. "I enjoy watching Tinsley play now"

But the biggest surprise to me and I knew I would never say this. "Tinsley's defense is so much better and tonight against the Celtics it was outstanding". Sure Tinsley was coming up with steals, Tinsley has always had great hands, if he is anywhere near the ball he is going to come up with it.

But I was most impressed how Tinsley was pressuring the ball and still keeping his man in front of him. He also was fighting through the screens which IMO changed the game as much as anything.

There was a period late first quarter and through the first part of the second when the Celtics pick and rolls were hurting the Pacers. Pacers were trapping the pick and roll and Celts were getting good stuff from it, so the coaching staff made an adjustment, but it was Tinsley who was able to carry out the change, by fighting through the screen, which allowd the Pacers big guy to stay with the screener.

I can't get over how impressed I was with Tinsley's defense

My main thing about Tinsley last season was I did not think he had the athleticism to be a very good NBA point guard. But he has lost weight and that has changed his game and to his credit he has kept the weight off.

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