I stumbled across a post on the Pacers board at Indysports.net, and it was talking about Sarunas, and someone claimed to have some insider info about him, and saying he would be willing to sign with the Pacers, if they came within 700k of other offers.

Now, I know most stuff like this looks bogus, but this one feels a little different.

The person making these claims on this post is the moderator there, and also posts at RATS, and never seemed like a troll on there.

He also says he is a soccer player in Australia, and he has the same agent as Sarunas, and that is his source.

Here is the link below, take a look at it, the person who's posts I'm referring to is Blahzay, and they are the posts in red, scroll down a few from the top top see them.

Now, I'm not saying this is going to happen 100%, but it looked interesting to me enough to see what everyone thought of it, and would make for some interesting conversation.

So take a look at the posts in that thread, and see if it makes you feel any differently about our chances of signing Sarunas, even with Cleveland still having plenty of cap space, I think if they offer him around 3 mil per year, and we can come close to that, he could be signed here, but everything is just a guess at this point.