since we're living in the transaction blackout, I thought this would be a good time to post your "if I were in charge" preferences.

Here's the list of players we've got on contract right now:

F Jones

As far as I know (and I'm sure someone will correct me ) these are our unrestricted free agents:
J Jones

Anyone notice that there are 16 names total?

Let's take a new angle - here are the players who either have no contract or the contracts end next summer (again, corrections welcome):
F Jones
E Gill
J Jones

SO LETS GET TO IT - barring trades, who do you sign or extend? Why?

My answers:

Pollard - despite how I like his personality, there's no need to explain how he only has value as cap space clearing trade fodder.

Fred Jones - The only guy I would consider extending right now, I still need to be cautious and wait until next summer to sign him, even if it's only in a sign-and-trade. He's wicked talented but right now he's not someone I would mold a team around. I just think he'd be much better and much more valuable on one of the quicker West Coast teams. He can be a mid-level star and a top scorer in a running offense, and other teams probably know this and are watching (and waiting).

Gill - keep him this year and then let him go FA. Again, an improvement at PG is not going to happen in-house. I'll wish him luck and thank him for stepping up during the season from hell.

Dale Davis - Don't think. Sign him and sign him now. Even if it's just for PR and 15 minutes worth of muscle a night, he's worth it. That is, as long as he doesn't want way too much money in return.

Edwards - no explanation needed when I say dump him, but I renew my prediction from a few months ago that he will be with the organization again this season.

James Jones. I'm sorry to say it, but he's expendable, especially with the addition of Granger. Sign and trade or outright release.

Lorbek. I don't know this guy from Adam, so I won't state a preference until I hear more.

SO - leaving trades out of it - what would you do? Extend? Sign? Let expire?