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This sounds to me like another form of "I can't read purple anymore."

He wasn't parsing "is." He was making some decent points. As I mentioned above, Ron may not be the only one has a problem admitting he is wrong sometimes.

It's really not very hard. Just say, "Good point. Hadn't though of that. You may be right, I may be wrong. I'll give it some thought." Fortaz may not make it very easy with his strong denunciations, but others of you have posted on here too long, too well. You're big enough to rise above it.
Just to be clear...
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I have no time to reply to this post properly but from what I read above it seems like you are saying "it depends on what the definition of 'is' is..."
...meant exactly what it said. I didn't mean "I have no more time for this" or "this is no longer worth my time". It meant I had some place to be and had no time left to fully read and reply to the posting(s).