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Thread: Larry Brown Fired? (not confirmed yet)

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    Default Larry Brown Fired? (not confirmed yet)

    Supposedly a San Antonio station, KSAT12, is reporting that he has been fired and Flip will be hired.

    Who knows if this is correct?

    We'll see.
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    Default Re: Larry Brown Fired? (not confirmed yet)

    This from the Detroit Free Press

    Brown to meet with Davidson and Dumars

    July 12, 2005

    Coach Larry Brown and the Pistons plan to have a face-to-face meeting about his future, the Free Press has learned.

    Brown will meet with Pistons owner Bill Davidson and president of basketball operations Joe Dumars on Wednesday in metro Detroit.

    Brown's agent, Joe Glass, and Dumars have spoken a few times since Brown had surgery at the Mayo Clinic earlier this month. Brown had been resting, on doctor's orders, at his vacation home in the Hamptons.

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    Default Re: Larry Brown Fired? (not confirmed yet)

    this is probably someone whos taking a chance on getting some sort of credit for breaking the story early...

    and it doesnt seem like much of a stretch....with them meeting tomorrow...and it looking very much like brown will get fired....seems like it wouldnt be too much of a stretch for some noname to get a bit of press for breaking the story....

    he wants to be able to say i told u so.....pretty common trait these days

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