This may seem like an odd question but for some reason I've been thinking about this lately.

Have the 90's Pacers become nothing more than the 80's Hawks, Cavs & Bucks?

I mean here in Indiana those 90's teams, to some of us, were a thrill to watch & some of us feel as though we were true title contenders.

But around the NBA are those teams now nothing more than just memory's of a team that never made it.

The reason I use the above three teams is because each of them had several 50 win seasons & were always at the top of the Central division during the 80's & even early 90's but never made it over the top.

Oh sure I could find some old Bucks fan who would still remenice about Sidney Moncrief & Terry Cummings or even a Cavs. fan who will go on & on about Brad Daugherty & Mark Price, but does the rest of the NBA even care? I don't think so.

So now I wonder if we aren't in the same boat. Since our team never made it to the top does that take away from their standings in the ranks of teams in history?

I mean yes, Reggie had some big playoff moments but Nique also went mano a mano with Bird on several occasions but does anybody even remember the Hawks?

I don't know why I wonder or even why I care but I just do.