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Thread: Top PGs of all-time by Rosen

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    Default Re: Top PGs of all-time by Rosen

    Quote Originally Posted by Kstat
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    If Rosen ever agrees with anything I say, after this POS article, I'm going to take that as proof that I was wrong.
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    Default Re: Top PGs of all-time by Rosen

    Glad he mentioned Ralph Beard.

    My father as a boy actually had the pleasure of meeting him and said that, even as an aged man, he had the quickest defensive posture he'd ever seen.

    Unsure about DJ or JW, but everything else seems respectable. Where's IT?

    And, yes, Karl Malone looked much better because of Stockton.

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    Default Re: Top PGs of all-time by Rosen

    Glad to see others are finally realizing that Rosen is a piece of ****. I just looked at the names, didn't read the analysis, so how many people did he passive-aggressively bad-mouth?

    However, if he wants to call Jerry a point, that's fine by me. Just means Reggie moves one-rung up on the two-guard ladder.
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    Default Re: Top PGs of all-time by Rosen

    Stockton is grossly overrated in my book when he is ranked ahead of guys like Oscar, Magic, and Isiah. These guys were superior to Stockton. Oscar is one of the best all around players in the history of the game. These 3 could take over a game better than Stockton. If I'm building a franchise, I pick one of those guys any day over Stockton.

    I really do believe that Stockton rode a niche during his 35 years in the NBA playing by the Mailman. Sorry, a bunch of assists to Karl Malone year after year don't impress me that much. He was the best PF in the game for a long, long time. You put Mark Jackson along side Karl Malone for a long time like that, and I guarantee you there isn't much difference.

    Stockton gets ranked high because he played forever, IMO. Magic only played what, from 1979-1992? He won 5 championships. Sure he had great teammates, but Magic was the glue.

    Give me Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, or Tim Hardaway in their primes anyday over Stockton. Gary Payton is one of the best defensive PG's ever, not to mention he could score and dish out dimes. Tim Hardaway was the last pg to ever average 20 pts and 10 dimes in a season. If you put one of those guys next to Malone for their entire career, you're looking at some of the best players in the history of the game.

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